Dmitry Bulatov, Alexey Chebykin (Russia)

Video documentary film, 7’28”, RUS, in English, English subtitles, ongoing since 2011.

That Which Lives In Me is a visual experiment looking into the nature of interaction between living biological beings and their virtual technological environment. Each of these systems has a time of its own; their temporalities are not equal to each other and they are difficult to synchronise. It cannot be known in advance how exactly the contention between biological and virtual systems will manifest, but we can feel confident in saying that, by and large, a unified system will prove troublesome: the different temporalities cannot coexist amicably.

Film credit list:
Idea, realization: Dmitry Bulatov, Alexey Chebykin. Script: Dmitry Bulatov. Camera: Victor Gurov. Editing: Oleg Blyablyas. Animation: Alexey Chebykin. Voice-over: Victor Popov. Voice-over recording: Johnny. Editor: Elena Ryabkova. Translation: Eugeny Volkov. With special thanks to: Colin Milburn, Stephen Ankenman, Eduardo Maipeli (Tcha-Tcho). Postproduction: Oleg Blyablyas. Sound recording: AV Records Studio. Sound: Lawrence, My-ym. Production: The National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Kaliningrad Branch, Russia. Distribution: SCI-ART-IN-FACT, KB NCCA, P.O.Box 1582, Kaliningrad, 236040 Russia

Documentary online (with English subtitles):
Tribute to Walter Benjamin

© 2011, NCCA, Kaliningrad
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of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Ford Foundation (The Moscow Office),
and The Dynasty Foundation (Moscow) in funding this project.
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