General technical description
This project was released on the Flash. Augmented Reality version is self-programmed in AS-3. Web-cam recognizes coloured area of each marker and its location. The program displays 3D models (“electronic auras” in DAE) at markers’ location in real time mode. When markers approach each other additional animation takes place as well as change of colour and models’ scale (auras). Every night web-cam tracks markers and records coordinates of their movements. On the next day information on night movements of snails (blue tracks) is added to the screen.

Construction requirements
• 5 m long x 4,5 m wide space (minimum)
• Exhibition space (a room) should be painted black except a wall with projection (wall color in a box – black; projection – a white wall in the box; dimensions: 3.50 x 2.60 m, orientation: horizon)
• Two positionable, dimmable, maskable soft spot-lights
• One spot-light above and at either side of the screen, pointing at terrarium surface
• Light cast only onto terrarium surface
• Ambient light in room/area (ideally dimmable)
• Constructing of a plinth for a terrarium (in accordance with technical drafts will be provided) or transportation of an available plinth from Kaliningrad, Russia
• Availability of a staff taking care of animals

Technical requirements
• 1 Wide-angle LCD projector (ratio 4:3, at least 3,000 lumens) native 1280x1024 resolution minimum with keystone capability; a short throw lens (very wide angle);
1 PC, 2.5 GHz (or better) dual-core Intel, Windows7 Operating System version, NVIDIA series 8 graphics card (or better), 4 GB or better RAM, 200 GB of disc space, built-in DVD-ROM, coupled with the projector, monitor capable of displaying over 1024x768;
• Wide-frame plasma (with built-in DVD-ROM) and headphones;
• Two electrical outlets near the installation (with an extender for 5 outlets);
• Two loudspeakers and an amplifier (audio-system)

Shipping of artwork (1 box)
- total weight: 60 kg.
- cargo volume (м³): 0,7
- special characteristics: fragile commodity
- accompanying docs: consignation note, invoices, certificates of conformance

Shipping of a plinth for a terrarium (1 box)
- total weight: 60 kg.
- cargo volume (м³): 0,7 - accompanying docs: consignation note, invoices, certificates of conformance

- Transportation insurance (to be covered)
- Artwork insurance (to be covered)

Set-up process
- set-up 2 persons;
- 2 days

© 2011, NCCA, Kaliningrad
The National Centre for contemporary arts gratefully acknowledges the generous support
of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Ford Foundation (The Moscow Office),
and The Dynasty Foundation (Moscow) in funding this project.
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