Kommersant Weekend Magazine (in Russian), №11 (3607), 01.04.2011

Kultura-portal # 11 (7771) 07-13.04.2011 (in Russian)

Rossiiskaya Gazeta (Moscow), # 5447 (71), 05.04.2011 (in Russian)

Troickij Variant, 12.04.2011. # 76 (in Russian)

Rossiiskoye Informatsionnoye Agentstvo – Vesti
Russian Information Agency – Vesti (in Russian)

Rossiiskoye Informatsionnoye Agentstvo – Novosti
Russian Information Agency – News (in Russian)


Open Space (Moscow, in Russian)

National Centre for Contemporary Art (Moscow, in Russian)

Teleradiokompanija Kaskad (Kaliningrad, in Russian):
Kaskad TV channel and radio station

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